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Fidele-la Seafood Restaurant review image

Fidele-la Seafood Restaurant

This small takeout spot in North Miami specializes in seafood. They stick to traditional Haitian-style preparations and make one of the best whole fried snappers in Miami. While whole deep-fried fish can often be overcooked and have a chalky, stringy texture, that’s never the case at Fidele-la. They have truly mastered the art of frying fish, seasoning the snapper in epis, dredging it in a light coating of cornstarch, gently lowering it into a vat of hot oil, and then removing it at the precise second it’s ready. The result is a shatteringly crisp skin concealing moist, flaky, and addictively flavorful fish. It’s so good that you don’t really need the side dishes, although their diri kole is solid - fluffy rice, tender red beans, and just a slight hint of sweet cloves.

Cleveland Jennings

Fidele-la Seafood Restaurant review image

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