Family Bakery

There are many Haitian bakeries throughout Miami, but this place stands out for its amazing Haitian-style bread and savory puff pastries called pate. You can find it just west of North Miami on 441, and while the bakery can only accommodate about two people at a time on weekday mornings, you’ll regularly see the overflow of customers forming a line into the parking lot. They seem to constantly have fresh loaves of dense, rich Haitian bread coming out of the oven, and it’s hard to not tear into the warm loaf while walking back to your car. Their beef pates, however, are the real draw here and perhaps the best and most consistent in Miami. The thin puff pastry is so fragile that it comes apart in delicate shards as soon as you go in for a bite. The spicy beef filling provides a little wake-up jolt in the morning, while the rich, buttery layers of pastry will keep you satisfied until lunch comes around.

Food Rundown

Beef Patties

After inhaling many beef patties across Miami, we’ve found our favorite. Not only do the patties’ irregular shapes show that they were made by hand, but the puff pastry is super flakey and crispy on the outside while the inner layers are chewy and buttery. The beef filling is moist and tender—almost bordering on a ​​pâté-like consistency. And it has just the right amount of heat from the scotch bonnet chiles.

Haitian Bread

These baguette-shaped loaves are dense,fluffy, and have a rich flavor that reminds us of brown butter and caramelized milk. It’s even more amazing smeared with the Haitian spicy peanut butter available for purchase in store, dunked into a cafe con leche, or made into the most delicious French toast. That is, if it doesn’t magically disappear into your stomach before you make it back home.

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