Chevre is a small cheese shop on Coral Way with an adorable bow tie-wearing goat as its logo. The focal point here is a small display case full of a unique, well-curated selection of cheeses. The owner is great at guiding you through each variety in a casual way that strips this shop of any pretentiousness. He’s also more than happy to let you taste pretty much any cheese in the shop. There are a few interesting selections in the case, including a Fourme aux Moelleux blue cheese washed in vouvray and a sharp sheep’s milk from Croatia called Paski Sir. A refrigerator case also features some fresher cheeses, like locally made truffled burrata and some of the best (and most expensive) yogurt cups we’ve had, including one made with Panther Coffee espresso. There are also shelves lined with imported gourmet products, like crackers and toasts, as well as some made-in-Miami jams, including one made with blueberries and lavender that you should definitely take home with you. This is the kind of cheese shop Miami has desperately needed.

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