Exquisito Chocolates

At that weird junction where Calle Ocho becomes a one-way street is a storefront with the words “we make chocolate” painted on the stucco above it. That is exactly what happens at Exquisito—they actually grind cacao beans to make chocolate bars and other confections, and they’re the only ones who do this in South Florida. All of the chocolate bars are, as the name implies, exquisite. However, the Tumaco Milk made with Colombian beans, brown butter, unrefined cane sugar, and caramelized milk is nothing short of orgasmic. The toasty flavors of the milk and beurre noisette, along with molasses notes in the sugar, balance beautifully with the fruity and mild acidity of the Tumaco beans. The space is just large enough to have a retail wall, a small vitrine of bonbons, and a checkout counter among the sacks of cacao beans, so it’s more of a grab-and-go place. Parking can be difficult on SW 8th Street, but there’s more on-street parking around the corner on the side streets.