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Asian-Mart is a great little Asian market on Calle Ocho that has all the things you’d expect at a great little Asian market: snacks, candy, dumplings, noodles, soju, homemade kimchi, and lots more. But there's a bonus in the back of the shop: an excellent little boba spot called Hotline Boba. The little Korean-style boba counter serves drinks like Korean banana milk, peaches and cream boba, Vietnamese coffee boba, and more. Asian-Mart also has an instant ramen bar—you just grab one of their options, fill it up with hot water inside the shop, and you can eat it on the go, or grab a seat in their backyard. 

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19 Specialty Markets To Check Out When You’re Sick Of Publix

Because there are a lot more interesting places to shop for food in Miami.

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