Anthony's Runway 84

Anthony’s is chaos—but we don’t necessarily mean that as an insult. The Italian restaurant, which has been in Fort Lauderdale since the ‘80s, has been revamped by new ownership. Now it’s got this slightly disorienting mix of genuine and forced nostalgia—which translates through the crowd: a fairly even split between Lauderdale baby boomers partying their faces off and millennials looking for a Carbone alternative.

Food is no longer the point here. It’s overpriced and cold. And the makeover has pretty much erased the delightfully kitschy airplane theme of the old Anthony’s. But it’s an undeniable party. This is thanks to very good martinis and an excellent live band that makes the place come alive by crooning out high-energy classics in the middle of the dining room. You will leave this place slightly confused, full of rigatoni that tastes like it came from a box, but fairly sure you had a good time. 

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photo credit: Courtesy Runway 84

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