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Mistura Ice Cream & Coffee review image

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Mistura Ice Cream & Coffee

Mistura, with locations around city, serves high-quality gelato with lots toppings, along with a handful of vegan options.

Charrúa review image

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Charrúa is an Uruguyan steakhouse in Salamanca where you should go if you’re craving steak and not much else.

Religion Coffee review image

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Religion Coffee

Religion Specialty Coffee is a cafe with outdoor seating in Castellana that’s known for its vegetarian and vegan options as much as for its coffee.

Toma Café review image

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Toma Café

Toma Café in Malasaña is the place to answer all of your caffeination needs.

Honest Greens review image

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Honest Greens

Honest Greens is a fast-casual, healthy hot spot that serves much more than just salads.

Chuka Ramen Bar review image

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Chuka Ramen Bar

Chuka in Barrio de las Letras puts a Japanese spin on Chinese street food. Don’t leave without trying the ramen.