Les Mauvaises Herbes

French cuisine is pretty faithfully lard-spiked and vegetarian-unfriendly, so Les Mauvaises Herbes was served a little side-eye when it opened in 2018. But it won over both plant-based folks and open-minded carnivores with dishes that have the appearance of high cuisine, without the price tag that usually accompanies it. 

The airy, split-level space feels rustic with a little corner of couches upstairs, and plants spill from the railing over the downstairs area—les mauvaises herbes may translate to “weeds,” but these are very intentional and well cared for. The chef learned his trade while sailing around the world, inspiring dishes like zucchini and pomelo ceviche, romaine leaf tacos with candied lemon tabouleh and papas arrugadas, or wrinkly potatoes, in a herby green sauce.

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