Food Traboule

This trendy 12-stall food hall is set inside one of Lyon’s traboules, which are labyrinthine covered passageways connecting the old parts of the city. The line to get in winds down the street on evenings and weekends, but it’s worth the wait for the grilled octopus on mashed split peas from the mediterranean stand, ravioles du dauphiné from the bouchon stand, or the pizza with artichoke tapenade, mint and coriander chutney, and dried duck breast from Ludo’s

Once you’re in, head directly to the stalls to place your food order, then grab a seat at a table in any of the dining areas. Hit a water station for still and sparkling, or wait for a server to come by your table if you want something other than water. Come during weekday lunch hours from 11:45am to 2:30pm for better odds of dodging the crowds.

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