If you have a sweet Mexican abuelita, saying this spot’s full name in front of her might earn you a smack on the head (spoiler alert: the second word is slang for “badss”). But we find the Paramount shop’s name and other cheeky menu items to be part of its unique charm. This spot’s carefree attitude is also seen in its tortas, which are unapologetically huge, stuffed to the brim, and absolutely delicious. For example, their massive La Mamalona (censor beep*) torta is so big that you might have to split it with Abuelita herself. After the soft telera roll is toasted, the sandwich is stuffed with fresh carne asada, breaded steak, sliced ham, spicy chorizo, hotdogs, avocado, queso fresco, and jalapenos. If you’re interested in a more sweet/savory combo, the La Muy Muy torta (rated PG) has crispy breaded steak, ham, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and its key ingredient: pineapple. We understand that pineapple on pizza is a touchy subject, but just trust us and give this tasty torta a try during your next lunchtime adventure.

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