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Hara Sushi

$$$$(310) 820-1021
Hours:SUNDAY5:00PM to 10:00PM

Purity tends to pick and choose the things it latches onto. Diamonds, babies, Tilda Swinton’s face regimen. Also, sushi. People will fork over a car payment’s worth of money to get a bite of pure raw fish and we don’t blame them for it. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. Babies still sh*t themselves daily and we’re certain Tilda skips an avocado mask here and there. And sushi? Oh, it knows how to get rowdy, too.

And the best party in town is over at Hara Sushi.

Let’s be clear up front. There is nothing pure, chic, or refined about Hara Sushi. This is inexpensive, gluttonous, special roll nirvana. Sure, you can certainly come to Hara, order yellowtail sashimi, and remain alive. But what’s the point of that? You are at the Six Flags of specialty rolls, so purchase yourself a ticket. Want a Spicy California roll topped with tuna, tomatoes, avocado, jalapenos, special sauce, and masago? Stop taking yourself so seriously, OF COURSE YOU DO. Because as ridiculous as it sounds (and is), these rolls are actually well-executed and taste delicious.

The space is both clean and appealing, with all the room in the world to get your party started. And with a 50%-off sake and sushi happy hour (that actually runs for six hours), things can get interesting quickly. But come in for a solo lunch and/or a quick midweek dinner with someone you clearly want to experience the world with, and you’ll find a calm atmosphere and the same delicious food.

No, Hara Sushi is not the best sushi in LA. But it’s fun, affordable, and infectious. Purity is overrated. Sometimes you just have to party.

Food Rundown

Ginza Roll

Spicy tuna with avocado, topped with albacore and a slice of jalapeno. Light, spicy and completely sexy. This needs to be your first move.

Hara Sushi review image

Bundy Roll

Another must-order. Spicy tuna and shrimp on the inside, crab on the outside, drizzled in some sort of creamy sauce we don’t need to know anything else about. Despite all that, this roll still feels light with an addicting sweetness to it.

Hara Sushi review image

Crunchy Roll

Crunch is nothing new to the specialty roll world, but with shrimp tempura inside and eel sauce on the outside, it’s all new levels of fried ocean gluttony.

Hara Sushi review image

Spring Roll

Uhhhhhh yes. You could eat 12 of these and still want more. It’s their California roll topped with tuna, tomato, and special sauce. It sort of looks like a salad. So, yeah. You’re eating a salad. This is healthy.

Hara Sushi review image

Rock 'N' Roll

Sushi puns always award immediate points, but this roll doesn’t even need them. Wrapped in cucumber and stuffed with avocado, crab, salmon, and tuna, it is truly gigantic and delicious.

Hara Sushi review image

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