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Sandwiches in Hollywood


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On a stretch of Seward St. in Hollywood populated by a lot of production and casting offices, plus the LA location of Rao’s that weirdly is still in business, Spoonfed is a nice change. It’s a true all-day place - they’re open from 6:30am until 11pm every day - that caters to all the workers in the area who just want a nice place to sit and eat a salad during their 20-minute lunch break. These people won’t be disappointed with the food and shady, jungle-like patio at Spoonfed. The menu is big, running from pancakes and breakfast tacos for the morning, to chopped salads, flatbreads, and a very good tuna melt for the rest of the day. Considering this is one of the only options in the area, the food is better than it has to be. Get this into your Hollywood lunch rotation.

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