Sea Harbour

When it comes to dim sum in LA, Sea Harbour is like Meryl Streep. It’s been on top so long that some people start to take it for granted. But we’re here to remind you that this two-decade-old grand Cantonese banquet spot in Rosemead not only pioneered many of the SGV’s prevailing dim sum trends—upscale twists on classics, ditching the carts for menu service—it still does them better than anyone else. Sea Harbour doesn’t have the largest (or cheapest) menu, but we do appreciate that it’s filled with absolute bangers: sticky rice balls with oozing salty egg yolk centers, fragrant truffle siu mai, and smooth-yet-flaky egg white custard tarts. And though the colorful dining room does vaguely resemble a hotel conference room, the people-watching here is unparalleled: Come any day of the week and be greeted with a wondrous ladies-who-lunch crowd all clutching Prada bags, whispering about the latest neighborhood gossip. The biggest challenge here is battling the wait for a table on weekends—stay strong though, it's worth it.

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photo credit: Jessie Clapp

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