Mariscos Y Sushi Los Tomateros

Mariscos Y Sushi Los Tomateros is a Sinaloan-style mariscos restaurant that, as you may have guessed, also serves sushi. But don’t expect simple nigiri at this Lynwood spot, which looks like a cross between a Mexican cantina and a pan-Asian restaurant with miscellaneous Buddha heads. Instead, you’re having Sinaloan sushi, which looks vaguely Japanese and tastes like a Mexican spin on baked or fried American rolls (with no shortage of cream cheese, imitation crab, and sweet eel sauce.) Compared to the crazy sauce-drizzled rolls, the mariscos here are definitely on the lighter side: the refreshing aguachile brings bright citrus flavors and a chile burn that sneaks up on you. For an even spicier kick, get the botana mixta, which combines octopus, tender scallops, and shrimp in a fiery Clamato-seasoned salsa that had us panting at the table.