To know Cuban food is to experience pork in all of its glory, whether it’s breaded, sliced in a sandwich, fried in chunks, or our personal favorite - slow-roasted to perfection. That’s where Mambo’s Cafe comes in, a Glendale restaurant (and occasional Latin jazz club) that specializes in roasted pork dishes with plenty of tart mojo. Rather than going on some spiel about the dozens of spices that make this massive hunk of pork something particularly special, we’re pleased (and kind of impressed) that the meat comes entirely unseasoned. Or at least at first. After hours of slow cooking in its own fat and juices, the tender meat is shredded, slapped on the griddle, and generously slathered in mojo sauce made from white wine, garlic, and tons of fresh citrus. The final product is a plate with rice, beans, sweet fried plantains, and chunks of shredded pork with crispy edges and plenty more sour mojo on top.

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