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Guido's Pizza & Deli

Pizza in Rancho Cucamonga

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Guido’s is a family-run deli and pizzeria in the heart of the Inland Empire that, needless to say, understands the assignment. Once home to an Italian deli, this now Argentinian-Italian spot makes an excellent milanesa sub with warm, breaded steak and a classic choripan sandwich with spicy Argentinian chorizo drenched in vinegary chimichurri. Pizza also happens to be a pretty big deal in Buenos Aires, and this place specializes in regional pies with toppings like smoked bell peppers, green olives, sliced onions, and Argentinian “muzza” that’s a bit saltier than its Italian counterpart. Make sure to try the fugazzeta with its deep-dish-like crust, grilled onions, and large amounts of muzza both on top and sandwiched inside too.