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When new sourdough pizza spot Grá opened in Historic Filipinotown, we thought we could finally alert the masses that we had found our New Neighborhood Staple (affectionately and legally known as an N.N.S.). After all, with their fermentation-forward menu and hygge atmosphere, this place has huge N.N.S. energy. Their wine list is filled with great skin contacts, their White Pizza - topped with pistachio pesto, mozzarella, ricotta, and honey - is a sweet and salty home run, and the interior feels like you’re at a dinner party in a friend’s studio space. But despite all that, a lot of the menu - from the kimchi pizza to the cured ham plate - is rather unremarkable, and doesn’t justify the high price point of a meal here (with drinks, you could easily spend around $100 for two people), so we’re holding off on sending that N.N.S. S.O.S. text for the time being.

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