The Park's Finest BBQ

You know what we hate? Making decisions. It’s not that we’re crotchety and hate everything, it’s just that we want everything. We’ll eat at a f*cking Sizzler simply to avoid having to stick to one cuisine for our meal.

Enter the Worker Wednesday box from The Park’s Finest Barbecue. More or less, it’s every one of their best items, in impressively large portions, shoved into a box for $12. Three scoops of rice, pulled pork, a barbecue chicken thigh, hot links, veggies, cornbread, and their heavenly coconut beef, all overflowing from a take-out box on Wednesdays. And what’s even better than the variety, quantity, and price? Well, it’s all absolutely delicious.

Starting with a few catering gigs, then growing to a professional catering company, and finally turning into today’s permanent restaurant space, Park’s Finest mixes traditional Southern barbecue with a bit of Filipino heritage. The decor feels hip, and they rock just enough televisions to make you think about watching a game here (hint: Monday Night Football will be on, but subject to soccer’s scheduling). However, the place can get crowded, so take-out might be your best bet during peak hours.

As for what to order? The Worker Wednesday boxes are the best way to get a feel for the place, but they also manage to spoil you a bit. Paying $12 for a single item on a Tuesday seems wrong when you can pay $12 for all of them the next day. But you don’t boycott Jack White albums just because they cost the same as a White Stripes album. They’re both probably worth the price, even if one is a million times better.

Food Rundown

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Coconut Beef

This stuff is magical. Creamy and spicy. We could eat a gallon of this and be happy. Definitely the first thing to order on a non-Wednesday.

The Park’s Finest BBQ review image


Sweeter and lighter than your traditional cornbread. Devouring several pieces of this is not only easy, but entirely necessary.

The Park’s Finest BBQ review image

Hot Links

Spicy as hell and perfect when paired with their traditional barbecue sauce.

The Park’s Finest BBQ review image

Pulled Pork

While a staple of most BBQ places, this isn’t our favorite iteration. That said, it pairs well with their vinegar-based sauce, so if you’re a pulled pork junkie, it’s worth a try.

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