Gingergrass Mini Mart

The corner store where you buy dish soap and 1am cigarettes might be convenient, but it’s nowhere near as memorable as this East Hollywood mini-mart serving bun bo hue beef noodles. The casual set-up is exactly what you might expect from a shop selling prawn chips and iced tea. Head to the counter to order Vietnamese staples as well as twists on classic noodle dishes (the shop is run by the people behind Silver Lake’s Gingergrass). Then find a sidewalk table where you can sip a salted plum spritz and snack on grilled rice paper pizza with eggs, scallions, and smoked oysters that add some necessary salt punches. The entire experience feels just as quick as a last-minute dish soap run, except here you get to eat egg noodles with stewed beef shank in the span of about 10 minutes.

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