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Farfalla Trattoria

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Everyone loved The Office. It had Jim and Pam, Dwight and his beets, and Michael Scott being Michael Scott. But there’s also one element people like to forget about: the final two seasons. They were not good. But talk to just about anyone about the show, and you’ll hear no mention of those Michael Scott-less episodes. When something is so good for so long, or simply gets enough right along the way, we tend to ignore the parts that are, in reality, subpar.

The same can be said for Farfalla, a neighborhood Italian restaurant in Los Feliz. Despite some shortcomings, it manages to be a spot you always walk out liking.

Farfalla’s overall execution is good - but the menu includes entire sections that should largely be ignored. The pizzas? Ignore. The entree section? Focus your attention elsewhere. As for the one section you should go all-in on? The pasta. Farfalla’s is so good that it makes up for the parts of the menu that aren’t.

Farfalla Trattoria review image

The ravioli di magro and pesto gnocchi are the biggest standouts, but you should also consider throwing in the farfalle with salmon because everyone knows that bowtie pasta has the most fun. Farfalla’s pasta isn’t dainty, overthought, or too technical for its own good. These are the kind of bowls that give you the best night sleep since realizing John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer aren’t married in real life.

To be clear, there are other things outside of the pasta section worth ordering. You’ll want the insalata farfalla because it’s a salad with a hidden pizza at the bottom, and you’ll want the tiramisu because it’s really good tiramisu. But as far as the main courses go, it’s pasta and then more pasta.

Farfalla’s atmosphere is neighborhood-y, but it’s really not even that charming inside. It’s just calm, easy to get in and out of, and provides the kind of no-frills environment you need while carb-healing your weekly anxieties. Jim and Pam’s relationship woes included.

Food Rundown

Insalata Farfalla

This salad doesn’t look like much when it hits the table. But the lemon and mustard dressing on top is very good, and there’s a flatbread situation hiding at the bottom which basically turns this whole thing into a pizza, and we’re more than fine with that.

Farfalla Trattoria review image

Gnocchi Di Patate

Farfalla offers four different sauce choices for your gnocchi, but the pesto is definitely the way to go. The gnocchi itself is cooked perfectly and the pesto cuts through the mass amounts of dough you’re about to line your stomach with.

Farfalla Trattoria review image

Ravioli Di Magro

Stuffed with spinach and ricotta, this is a bowl of rich and creamy joy. You also get your choice of sauce here, and that choice should be the mascarpone and fresh sage. This is probably our favorite pasta here.

Farfalla Trattoria review image

Farfalla Al Salmone Affumicato E Piselli

This wins the award for the pasta you won’t think you’ll like, but will end up loving. The vodka sauce and the salmon work perfectly together, and the al dente bowtie pasta gives it a much-needed chewiness. Definitely order this.

Farfalla Trattoria review image


The tiramisu is a house specialty, so no matter how much pasta you have sticking to your ribs by the end of the night, save at least one bite for this. It’s fantastic and served cold, which feels great against said ribs.

Farfalla Trattoria review image

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