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Faith & Flower


705 W. 9th St, Los Angeles
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Faith & Flower is a Financial District restaurant that’s “Perfect For” a lot of things. It’s simultaneously appropriate for a downtown date night, girls’ night out, a business dinner, and even just a drink and a quick bite after work in their large and well appointed bar. But it might be most appropriate for those nights when you really just want to eat a confit duck leg in a room that looks like an LA interior decorator’s interpretation of Versailles. You have those, right?

Much like a 17th century French royal palace, Faith & Flower is huge and full of excess - both in terms of design and approach. The place is filled with over-the-top decor, from chandeliers and mirrors everywhere you look, to colored glass goblets and fur on the walls. The sheer size and scope of it can be a bit overwhelming, but it’s also pleasing, because it’s done right. Which is exactly how you’ll feel about the food.

The best way to describe the things you’ll eat here is to say that at some point you might eat a bowl of pho with a sh*tload of foie gras floating in it. Or maybe a plate of angnolotti swimming in bone marrow butter. Even the warm potato salad comes topped with trout caviar, just to make sure you can taste it. We can appreciate this “more is more” approach to eating, and you will too, assuming you aren’t scared off by the menu descriptions. We can tell you that even though the food at Faith & Flower is often very heavy, it is almost always excellent. You’d be surprised just how light a bowl of meat filled pasta can taste when put together properly.

Should you still find yourself at odds with the idea of eating animals flavored with other animals, know that this is at the very least one of the best places to get a cocktail in this town, thanks to a meticulous and inventive mixologist. The restaurant has become just as well known for its limited availability milk punch as it has for its food, and many of the cocktails here blow The Varnish out of the water in terms of both craft and vintage authenticity.

So if you aren’t going to come here to eat like Louis XIV, you might as well at least drink like him. You’ll certainly look the part with that goblet in your hand.

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Food Rundown

Crab Toast

Look around the room, and you’ll see that many a meal at Faith & Flower starts with an order of crab toast. Why? Well, because people love toast, and people love crab. This is almost too easy.

Pho Gras

That’s right, a bowl of pho with a bunch of foie gras in it. Is it good? Yes. But it’s also very expensive, as in $32 for a bowl of soup. Get it for the novelty once, but this won’t be something you order on every visit.

Faith & Flower review image

Oxtail Agnolotti

A ridiculously rich and ridiculously good oxtail agnolotti, served with tangerine salsa, beef tendon chicharrones, and something called “bone marrow butter.” Good thing you started with toast.

Faith & Flower review image

Carnaroli Risotto

Another rich dish, which tends to be a theme here at Faith & Flower. This risotto is usually on the menu, often comes topped with a fried egg, and always satisfies.

Faith & Flower review image

Confit Duck Leg

The key to this duck leg is the fact that they crisp it up in the oven after cooking it in its own fat, which means there’s a nice texture contrast that you typically only get with a well cooked breast.

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