Emporium Thai

For all the incredible Thai restaurants you’ll find in this city, there’s a bit of a desert surrounding Westwood/West LA when it comes to great curries and Thai noodle dishes. It’s also why knowing about Emporium is so useful. This family-run spot on Westwood Blvd. is easily our favorite Thai spot in the area (heck, even Cardi B endorses it) with a fun, lively dining room perfect for big groups and an expansive menu that assures even your pickiest roommate will find something to eat. That said, our favorite dish here is the bright, slightly sweet southern curry seafood (a family recipe for over three generations) with a side of crispy Phuket wings. The wings come with the same southern curry sauce, so we recommend switching it out with tamarind to give a nice tangy balance to the spiciness of the seafood. 

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