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Burgers She Wrote


This tiny, order-at-the-counter burger shop in Beverly Grove has exactly four things on its menu, and two of those things - the fries and grilled cheese - are fine. But the thing you come for (hint: the burger) is fantastic. There are actually two burgers to choose from: a traditional smashburger topped with American cheese, pickles, onion, mayo, and mustard, and an Oklahoma, which means the onions have been griddled into the patty itself. We like the smashburger quite a bit, but you can find similarly good versions around town. The Oklahoma, on the other hand, is worth the stop alone. It’s sweet and tangy with a peppery bite from the patty that also mixes well with the salt from the American cheese. Lines tend to form on the weekends, but if you’re driving down Beverly Blvd. on a weekday, pull over, and treat yourself to the best 10-minute lunch in the neighborhood.

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