Borit Gogae

The barley rice sets at Borit Gogae will nourish you in the same way a spa day might. They're full of probiotic-packed banchan and warm Korean soups, leaving you full and relaxed like a loose noodle in the wind.

For $30 per person, you'll get a beautiful spread of rice, sweet pumpkin porridge fit for a baby prince and so much veggie-forward banchan that each bowl is stacked on top of each other to preserve table space. Think of this as DIY bibimbap. Everything—from jiggly acorn salad and spicy pickled radish, to golden mung bean pancakes that pack an audible crunch—goes on the rice. Expect a side of creamy perilla seed soup that tastes like oatmeal and flu-zapping chicken soup had a baby—it’s the heaviest thing in this extremely light meal. You can always add an order of juicy galbi jjim if you want something heftier for the table.

Between the sheer size of the spread and the quality of the soups, rice, and banchan, eating at Borit Gogae is one of the most memorable food experiences you can have in Koreatown. (The restaurant requires a minimum of two people to participate, so bring a grain-loving companion.) Come to avoid loud, soju-guzzling crowds—here, you'll end up with something much more luxe and soothing. Just don’t let the calming music lull you to sleep before you drink your cinnamon punch.

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