Perfect For: Date Night Fine Dining Impressing Out of Towners Special Occasions


Perfect For: Date Night Fine Dining Impressing Out of Towners Special Occasions

Simply put, there are great restaurants and then there is Bestia.

Opening in 2012 in an alleyway in the then-just-starting-to-be-a-thing Arts District, Bestia not only changed this city’s culinary game, it might’ve changed an entire part of the city. Fast forward nearly three years and a whole lot of awards later, Bestia is in the pantheon of great Los Angeles restaurants and the Arts District is unarguably the hippest neighborhood in the city. Is that all because of Bestia? Of course not. The Arts District’s time was coming regardless but Bestia proved that it could be done the right way.

If you think you are in the wrong location, that means you have arrived at Bestia. Despite all the development in the area, Bestia’s little street is still vastly untouched, adding to the allure of the whole shebang. The interior is intimate yet bustling, perfect for a late-in-the-game date or whenever you just want to impress the f*ck out of pretty much anyone.

Our biggest advice about Bestia though is to leave yourself plenty of time to enjoy it. As in, two hours is not nearly enough. The service is impeccable, but at Bestia, individual courses are meant to be enjoyed and savored before there’s any consideration of moving forward. Your server will guide you, hand- picking items off the menu to fit your taste. And away you go on your spiritual Italian taste quest. This is not a dinner. This is an experience.

If this all sounds too serious, it's not. From its airy interior to its attentive wait staff, Bestia keeps things moving brilliantly. And thats why you’ll be so surprised when you look at the clock and two and half hours have passed. You won’t want to leave.

Food Rundown


With over 60 different forms of this dish that could exist when you go, this is a must-order that you simply cannot pass on. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

Farro Salad

Shaved cauliflower, avocado puree, mint and everything else you could possibly want in your mouth.

Roasted Bone Marrow


Grilled Beef Meatballs

Juicy little perfections, the perfect last bite before turning on to the bigger dishes.

Alla’nduja Pizza

If you can’t pronounce it, just point to it. This absolutely amazing pizza with housemade spicy sausage, cabbage, and fennel is a well-earned crowd favorite.

Spaghetti Rustichella

This sea urchin, squid ink bottarga is a Bestia signature and one of the better pastas on the West Coast.

Cavatelli alla Norcina

Listen to this list. Ricotta dumplings, housemade pork sausage, black truffle. Any questions?

39 oz. Aspen Ridge Prime Aged Ribeye

Not the dish to share with a date. Not because you couldn’t finish it with just two people (you can’t) but because it doesn’t fit on a 2-top. If you’re balling out tonight with a few friends, though, this is the move.

Panna Cotta

We love that at Bestia the dessert might just well be the best part.

“Coffee and Donuts”

Spice chestnut zeppole and coffee flavored ice cream. Yes please, good night.

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