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The Win-Dow At American Beauty review image

The Win-Dow at American Beauty

Complexity is OK if you’re writing the Saturday crossword for The New York Times or going on a first date with a poet. But more often than not, simplicity is always the better option - especially at lunchtime. The Win-Dow, attached to neighborhood steakhouse American Beauty in Venice, understands this.

This carry-out spot has just a handful of seats (they’re plastic chairs scattered across a parking lot) and only seven items on the menu - three of which are burgers (including an Impossible option). Inside at American Beauty, they’re serving dry-aged steaks and a $19 steakhouse burger, but here, you can get a burger, fries, and a drink for less than $10. That $4 burger, with caramelized onions, pickles, and silky melted American cheese on top, is better than any non-In-N-Out $4 burger deserves to be, and the fries are suspiciously - we mean this in the best way possible - similar to ones from McDonald’s. Next time you’re in Venice, this is the spot for something affordable, hyper-fast, and simple. And unlike that time you went out with a poet, you’ll actually enjoy yourself here.

Andrea D'Agosto

The Win-Dow At American Beauty review image

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