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The LA Taco Tuesday Directory

The best Taco Tuesday specials in Los Angeles, organized by neighborhood.

Unless you moved to LA this morning, you know about Taco Tuesday. What started out as an alliterative way to sell Mexican food has become a Los Angeles holiday, celebrated by people who are already tired of the work week. It’s a glorious thing.

What’s less glorious is the reality: Most of the best Mexican spots in town don’t participate, so you usually end up with weak margaritas and soggy tacos. But that never has to happen to you again. All the restaurants on our Taco Tuesday Directory offer good food, fun crowds, and great excuses to get sloppy drunk and deal with the consequences in the morning. Whatever you’re looking for in your Taco Tuesday, you’ll find the best version of it at one of these spots.

All restaurants featured on The Infatuation are selected by our editorial team. The Taco Tuesday Directory is presented by Estrella Jalisco beer.

Santa Monica

El Cholo

El Cholo is an LA institution that serves old-school Mexican food in large quantities and quality margaritas (also in large quantities). The space feels like a huge adobe house, with lots of booths and decor that looks like it hasn’t changed since the ’60s. Probably because it hasn’t.

The deal: $5 cantina tacos, $7 margaritas, all day.

Gilbert’s is a place worth visiting any night of the week for its casual-but-fun atmosphere and legitimately good Mexican food. Taco Tuesday definitely draws a crowd, but it doesn’t turn into as much of a sh*tshow as some of the other places on this list.

The deal: $1.50 tacos, $4 beers, $7 micheladas, from 4-11pm.

You might have seen this gaudy color-bomb patio filled with drunk people yelling at other people on The Promenade. You might have wondered if being that drunk in that crowded space could possibly be fun. On those occasions when you decide that it could, gather your loudest friends and head to Cabo Cantina on a Tuesday evening, and get ready to yell at some tourists.

The deal: $7.50 all-you-can-eat tacos, all day.


Duke’s is a bit of a tourist trap and a complete nightmare to get to if you live anywhere other than Malibu. But an unparalleled view of the ocean is enough to convince most people to brave the traffic. If you’re considering doing it on a Tuesday, the $3 tacos and lighter crowds might sway you.

The deal: $3 tacos and drink specials, from 4pm-close.


TLT used to be a well-loved food truck, and its brick and mortar location by UCLA is just as popular. As long as you don’t mind crowding in with a ton of college students who may or may not know how to handle their alcohol, TLT’s tacos are great (especially the ahi tuna).

The deal: $3 tacos, all day.

Culver City

Don Chuy’s is basically a dive bar with exposed brick walls and sports on the TVs. So if you’re looking for somewhere to drink cheap margaritas and eat tacos while you watch the game, this might be your place.

The deal: 99-cent tacos, all day

West Hollywood

Pink Taco was once seen as edgy because it dared to have a euphemism for a name. Now, most people have more or less forgotten about this perfectly fine, not exactly authentic Mexican restaurant serving overpriced tacos to tourists. But on Tuesdays, you have a reason to go. The menu is decent, there are about 20 margaritas to choose from, and the crowd is always having fun.

The deal: $3 street tacos, $8 margaritas, from 4pm-close.

If you just want to get irresponsible on a Tuesday with no judgement, Fiesta will welcome you with open arms. The food is serviceable, but this is way more of a drinking spot. The West Hollywood staple is filled with plastic palm trees, gaudy beach-themed murals, and people who probably don’t have to get up for work the next morning.

The deal: $7 all-you-can-eat tacos, all day.

El Segundo / Playa Vista

Standard Station

This sports bar in El Segundo is perfect for catching the game, eating good Mexican food, and getting you and your friends over the hump to Hump Day.

The deal: $3 tacos, $20 margarita pitchers, $2.50 beers, 5pm-12am.

SOL Cocina

Sol Cocina is one of the sole reasons to drag your soul (get it yet?) out on a Tuesday - with deep deals on both tacos and tequila, if you’re not having a good time here, please take some time to reevaluate your life.

The deal: $6 for 2 tacos, $5 house margaritas and beer, $7 house wine, 3pm-close.

Beverly Grove/Fairfax

There are a few Trejo’s Tacos around LA, but the original on La Brea is still our favorite. Trejo’s is a little more expensive than most taquerias (you’re paying for the star power, clearly), except on Tuesdays. They’re all solid, and there are also plenty of options for people who aren’t eating meat this week. Head here for a long lunch on the patio.

The deal: Discounted tacos, margaritas, beer, and wine, all day.


Yes, they do Taco Tuesday in Brentwood, too. You won’t find $1 deals at Tavern, but their food and drink specials are still pretty solid, especially given their location.

The deal: $20 for 3 tacos, $16 agave flights, $10 margaritas, 3-7pm.


Yes, this place has a ridiculous name and is right on the touristy stretch of Hollywood Blvd. But the tacos are far better than you’d expect based on those facts, and they’re cheap, and also there are lots of margaritas. The space is decorated with weird portraits that give it a theme park restaurant vibe, which is maybe requisite for renting a space on Hollywood and Highland.

The deal: $1 tacos, $15 beer pitchers, all day.

Mission Cantina is one of most overlooked casual dinner options in Hollywood - especially on Tuesdays, when the tacos are a dollar. The tiny Mexican spot on Sunset doesn’t look like much from the outside, but inside it’s a good place to catch up with some friends.

The deal: $1 tacos, all day.

You’ve been to Calle Tacos before, you were just too drunk to remember. This food-truck-inside-a-building is a go-to spot to stumble into after drinking on Hollywood Blvd., but it’s also a great place to come sober, because the tacos are worth actually tasting.

The deal: $1.39 street tacos, all day.

Los Feliz / Silver Lake / Atwater Village

Most days, the tacos at this Silver Lake restaurant are too expensive for what they are. So come on Tuesdays. They have a colorful patio that would be even better with a few margaritas, which unfortunately La Playita doesn’t serve.

The deal: $2.35 fish tacos, $3.25 shrimp tacos, all day.

Between the occasional mid-meal dance breaks and the super-strong drinks, Mi Corazon has captured our hearts. Come here if you want salsa (both the dance and the condiment), plus a great deal on tacos.

The deal: $10 TTT (taco, tequila, and a Tecate) special, $7 classic margaritas, $3 street tacos, 4-10pm.

While the Eastside has plenty of good taco spots, Diablo stands out for its cool order-at the counter set-up, and its devilishly good Taco Tuesday deal.

The deal: $13 for two tacos with a margarita or PBR, all day.

Glendale / Highland Park / Pasadena

Frida is a chain across LA serving perfectly fine Mexican food and margaritas. If you don’t want to leave Glendale, your options are limited, but Frida is a safe choice.

The deal: $10.95 taco lunch combos, $2 a la carte tacos, $5 house margaritas, all day.

Acapulco Mexican Restaurant

With its large space and lavishly decorated orange walls, Acapulco is an aptly named (and fun) Mexican spot in Glendale, and that’s not even including their excellent Taco Tuesday specials.

The deal: $3 tacos, $4 beer and a shot.

Barney's Beanery

Barney’s is one of the most well-known bars in Los Angeles, and remains a consistently fun place to eat and drink. The food is above average for a sports bar, and on Taco Tuesday you’ll find a crowd of Pasadena locals who are here to drink some margaritas and make some friends.

The deal: $2 tacos, $4 Mexican drafts, $7 margaritas, all day.

This dive-y spot in Highland Park looks like the cellar of a Mexican distillery. It’s dark and somewhat creepy (the name means “Little Cave,” after all), but also really fun. There are tiny nooks for you and your friends to take over, an excellent back patio, and a great Taco Tuesday deal.

The deal: $6 margaritas all night, free tacos after 10pm.

There’s not a whole lot to dislike about Cacao Mexicatessen. The order-at-the-counter spot in Eagle Rock has a fantastic Baja-inspired menu and a decent taco deal, the atmosphere is more laid-back than other Taco Tuesdays, and the staff stays friendly even during the busy hours.

The deal: $2.55 tacos, 5pm-9pm.


Casa La Doña is worth a trip any day of the week - the food is fresh, the tortillas are handmade, and everything is affordable. Also, they have 18 types of salsa. The order-at-the-counter space gets pretty crowded on Tuesdays, because other people know how great this spot is, too. Just know they don’t serve alcohol.

The deal: $1 tacos, all day.

The Eight Bar

You can experience almost every facet of the human experience at the Downtown Whole Foods, including (but not limited to) buying organic heirloom tomatoes, squatting in one of the apartment units upstairs, and Taco Tuesday - at The Eight Bar next door.

The deal: $12 for two tacos and a beer, 11am-10pm.

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