Wulf & Lamb

The name Wulf & Lamb sounds more ‘exotic meat fest’ than strictly vegan cooking, but this Chelsea spot is indeed completely animal-product-free. There’s a nice open space here with a relaxed deli-style ordering system and great service, but the food here is very hit and miss. Definitely go for their chili ‘non’ carne and mac and cheese, which both taste just like the real thing, but avoid the Wulf burger which is so bland and tasteless it shouldn’t be awarded the illustrious accolade of ‘burger’. The broccoli is good though, and if you’re the kind of person that reads ‘the broccoli is good though’ and gets excited, then maybe Wulf and Lamb is worth the trip for you. Beware inflated prices given both the area and their self-imposed menu constraints. Aside from that, enjoy.

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