The Collab

Sandwiched between HSBC and Turtle Bay, and squished under a block of flats, The Collab’s plain exterior makes it the shyest restaurant we ever did see. But inside it’s a different story. On weekends, there are children decked out in Patagonia and fuelled by Coke running about. On Thursdays there are quiz teams pouring over answers and beers. And every day of the week, tables are covered with stacked burgers that are anything but shy and retiring. It’s a stripped-back setup, with exam hall-style wooden chairs and exposed pipes, but you’re here for the food (which is sell-one-of-your-Patagonia-clad-children good). Crispy wings and juicy buttermilk chicken burgers are best eaten in one of the quiet, dark corners—these burgers are the sole cause of any napkin shortages in the east London area. Want to cradle your wings in peace? Midweek lunchtime is your best bet.

The Collab review image

photo credit: Aleksandra Boruch