What Stax Diner lacks in square feet, it makes up for in great food. The classic cheeseburger is everything you want from a burger. Toasted brioche bun? Yes. Not one, but two beef patties? Sure. American cheese, gherkins, crispy onions, and chips on the side? Tick, tick, tick. This tiny American-style diner on the first floor of Kingly Court is the kind of in and out, stools facing the window, low tables for pairs or small groups, kind of place. So you'll have to wait a hot minute for a table if your group is bigger than four. It's perfect for a casual weeknight dinner with a couple of mates, or a solo lunch when the only thing you can stand to be around is a big beefy burger. Plus they also serve chicken and waffles, buffalo wings, and the kind of milkshakes that demand a nap directly after.

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