Sonora Taquería

There aren’t many places where we’d happily test our quad strength by squatting in an alley to eat a taco—but Sonora Taquería is one of them. The Mexican spot has a small amount of downstairs seating, but when the food is this good, inevitably these fill up fast. Instead join the huddle in front of the counter, sipping a mango agua fresca while you wait for juicy, spicy chorizo tacos, and make friends with other people who have made a pilgrimage to Stoke Newington. On weekends, the queue spills outside into the neighbouring alleyway and everything sells out quickly. Wherever you end up pitching up, however uncomfortable, it’s worth it. The short menu with tacos and quesadillas stuffed with beef, pork, or nopales is all brilliant, and all are improved with a crunchy cheesy crust. London has never had a plentiful supply of excellent Mexican restaurants, but Sonora is one of them. 

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photo credit: Guilia Verdinelli

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