In a city that’s saturated with all kinds of pizza options, be it crispy, soggy, palm or bin-lid sized, the Pizza Union chain is somehow managing to do something that’s quite unique: very fast, very cheap and very decent pizza.

Pizza Union serves a purpose and it’s absolutely brilliant at it. It's an in and out place, and it’s fast food at its finest. We walked in and ordered a custom pizza with ’nduja, rocket and roasted peppers with a frozen margarita to go with it. Did we mention they have a frozen margarita slushy machine? This came to a tenner and we were eating four minutes later, tops. The basic margherita is four pounds, which is incredible value. Plus, the pizza is actually good. It’s made in a wood fire oven and it’s crispy and it’s tomatoey. It’s better than other pizza that well, claim to be better. If you’re in need of a quick and cheap fix but don’t want to feel regret twenty minutes later, this is the place to come.

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