Peeld Poké & Açai

Peeld Poké & Açai is like your relentlessly upbeat friend—the sort who splashes in puddles and sees the silver lining in The Notebook. The Orford Road poké and açai spot wills you to turn any frown upside down with wood-clad walls painted cheerful primary colours and a collection of bright, tasselled cushions. The raw fish and frozen fruit dishes stick to this same wildly colourful palette—blushing pink salmon, sunshine-yellow mango salsa, and red candied jalapeños. Some of the hyper-health menu speak (see: 'cheat meal bowl') grates, but this is a good-natured spot with balanced dishes that are refreshing and tasty but not mind-blowing. Our go-to order is a berry açai topped with white chocolate balls and coconut shavings.

Peeld Poké & Açai review image

photo credit: Aleksandra Boruch