Froth & Rind

Walthamstow Village matriarch Froth & Rind is a coffee and cheese shop that keeps locals fuelled with a comforting combination of caffeinated beverages, blooming wheels of Baron Bigod, and gooey toasties. On weekdays there’s a sleepy, familiar vibe with locals tapping away at laptops and pouring over newspapers. But on weekends it’s where people who vaguely know each other from the school run shout their “hellos” and oozing toasties—filled with a hangover-curing combination of cheddar, chorizo, onion chutney, and chilli jam—are handed out to bleary-eyed sunglass-wearers. Whether you’re hammering out a work assignment and need an emergency bacon sandwich because you didn’t eat breakfast, or you had one too many piña colada slushies the night before—like every good matriarch, Froth & Rind has got you.