Margot review image


Italian in Covent Garden

Margot is a stylish high end Italian place in Covent Garden that has all the elements to potentially be a great restaurant. But much like using a condom you found in a box marked “Stuff - 2008”, you just can’t completely trust it.

So what gives us pause about putting our livelihood in the hands of this restaurant?

It might be the lighting. Too bright, a little harsh, and a tad too close to feeling like you’re sitting on the tube.

Is it the food? It might be. Everything tastes a little flat. Not stale. Flat. At these high prices the food should be popping in your mouth like The Pussycat Dolls circa 2008.

Could it be the crowd? Around the room we have: a work crew, your aunty out with her mates in from Hull, an awkward date, and a nice dad taking his very attractive daughter out for a posh dinner. Just kidding, that is not his daughter and they are snogging.

Ultimately, it’s probably a combination of all these things that makes us wary of unrolling a night at Margot. Maybe it will get better with time. Maybe they need to throw stuff out and start again. And maybe we should stop in at Boots on the way home.