Goddard & Gibbs

There’s something fishy about Goddard & Gibbs. Unsurprising, given it’s a seafood restaurant. But, also, not particularly welcome. The flashy restaurant is one of a couple in One Hundred Shoreditch—the enormous site that was formerly The Ace Hotel—and it’s somewhere that’s best avoided unless you’re floating about the area looking for a shiny sanctuary. The room is typically impressive in a Made In Chelsea relationship showdown-type way but the food is sadly all at sea. A sourdough crumpet is the pick of the bunch, though the flavour of the bread dominates the delicate cured mackerel, while the less said about flabby calamari and a Cornish fish stew that tastes of two parts tinned tomatoes and one part of tremendous under-seasoning, the better. That said, they mix a perfectly serviceable martini and we wonder how much one can cock-up fish and chips. Find out for yourself if you’re after a last resort, lifeboat type of restaurant.