Crypto Burgers

Takeaway burger shops are on every high street, and more times than not they serve greasy, frozen patties that wish they were McDonald’s. But at Crypto Burgers on North End Road, you’ll find a nice medium between fast food and “gourmet” burgers. This tiny spot makes smashpatty burgers filled with a creamy, spicy house sauce, for under a tenner. When you look past the weird crypto-inspired menu item names and order the HODL, despite knowing you’re probably pronouncing it wrong, you’ll get a decent burger. Our go-to is the bitcoin burger—switch the regular onions for some grilled ones, with some skin-on fries with 'pirl-pirl' seasoning on the side. The tight space, with only a few two-person tables, and the foil-wrapped burgers all hint to the fact that this meal is best enjoyed quickly. Or take a couple of burgers to go for a casual post-work dinner or a takeaway lunch.