Bone Daddies

You’re browsing the imported craft beer in Whole Foods, when you realise those newly acquired Italian apricots weighing heavy on your handwoven tote bag aren’t going to cut it for a meal. If you happen to be in the High Street Kensington branch of Whole Foods, there’s a place of refuge worth knowing about: Bone Daddies.

Since opening their original branch in Soho, Bone Daddies has expanded all over the city, and their filthy dense, meaty ramen is some of the best in town. We’d happily recommend any location, but this particular one is worth pointing out as a great spot for a shopping break or quick lunch in an area that doesn’t have a tonne of options in that regard.

Located above Whole Foods in an open space with lots of other restaurants, Bone Daddies has its own dedicated seating and servers, but it’s still a very casual, posh food court sort of vibe. It’s a great place to take a break from the shop floor, or even to sit and work for a few hours.

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As for what you’ll be eating, the pork broth here is a 20-hour job, so don’t expect a light, airy soup—this is a thick, hearty bowl of food. They also provide you with bibs and hair ties, in case there was any confusion about this being a dainty meal. The chicken broth isn’t quite as good, but at just over a tenner, it’ll absolutely do the job if you want something lighter. And the umami party continues into the sides with a fantastic variety of options to soften the blow of the ramen—the wings are a standout, but most of the accompaniments here are great, and if you do want something totally different, there’s a poke menu as well.

Bone Daddies is an institution we’re happy to be seeing more and more of. And although each branch has its own quirks and menu options, if you just can’t bear looking at another craft ale aisle, sit yourself down, take a deep breath, and put on a bib. It’s time for some ramen.

Food Rundown

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photo credit: Karolina Wiercigroch


A 20-hour pork bone broth that’ll keep you full all afternoon. It’s hard to finish if you aren’t super hungry, as it’s full of rich dense flavours and ingredients, so come prepared. You also have the option to add more toppings, but unless you’re craving an extra Clarence Court egg, there’s plenty in there to warm your soul without extra fuss.

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photo credit: Karolina Wiercigroch


A chicken bone broth with a citrus tang that makes this dish far lighter than its older and wiser 20-hour broth-er. It’s an interesting variation of the meaty ramen we’re used to, but we like it. Go for the pork mince to add some richness.

Chashu Pork Bun

Not tasty enough to be considered a viable side order next to your meaty broth. The pork is a little dry, as is the salad filling, and the bun isn’t as soft as it should be.

Bone Daddies High St. Kensington review image

photo credit: Karolina Wiercigroch

Korean Fried Wings

The perfect balance of sweet, spicy and messy. These sesame-topped wings are a great ramen accompaniment.

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