The Hornet

It’s always easy in the beginning. This is both salient dating insight and true when expanding our restaurant guide into a new town. At The Infatuation, we like good food and we have been selflessly subjecting ourselves to Denver’s very finest eateries like a group of soon to be canonized monks.

“Please hold for the freaking Pope…”

For the most part it’s been a praise fest with the reviews we've been dishing out and that isn’t going to change with our thoughts on The Hornet. This place is an icon, and it deserves some acclaim for serving up great food long before the Baker/SoBo-area was a happening place.

Unlike many older relics in changing neighborhoods, The Hornet still feels like the place to be for burgers, brunch, and booze. Happy Hours can be packed and people have lots of compelling reasons to stick around for dinner.

To earn its “old reliable” status the Hornet continues to deliver in several key areas. They have a menu chock full of better than average bar food , they are close to some of our favorite SoBo hangs like the Hi Dive and the Mayan Theatre, and the people — both staff and patrons — share a good vibe that make us want to hangout for another cocktail or two.

The Hornet isn’t new or shiny but it will still be there for you next year. Which, let’s face it, may or may not be true of the questionable person you are currently seeing. Amen.

Food Rundown

Chicken Nachos

Chicken nachos may seem like a layup but The Hornet’s are a cut above. Maybe it’s the cheese to chip ratio? We don’t question it too much, we just order.


You can’t really go wrong here. All of the burgers are served on brioche buns and come with a choice of two toppings. Go wild.

Veg Out Wrap

This thing packs a punch. There is goodness up in here that a lot of vegetarians miss in the “here are your hummus and carrots” dishes that other restaurants phone in.

Honey Stung Fried Chicken

There are people who will tell you this meal is the most BUZZworthy on the menu or that the mash potatoes will STICK to your ribs. Those people are assholes. They have good taste, but they’re assholes.


Bratwurst, eggs, bacon, cheese on pretzel rolls with gravy and potatoes. Good for hangovers and the day after you get your cholesterol checked.