When you graduated from college, you were going to travel around Central and South America like a drunk Magellan in search of food, fun and fiestas. We know because you told us over and over again every time you had more than three margaritas at the Rio. But despite all of that big talk, you spent all of your money on Hot Pockets and bar tabs and the farthest south you ever made it was Cancun junior year.

Don’t worry, the sting from your missed globetrotting opportunities are about to be dulled by Leña. It’s not Buenos Aires in the spring, but your taste buds probably won’t know you took a 10 minute Uber ride from Downtown to South Broadway to try a hodgepodge of dishes styled after classics from Texas to Tierra de Fuego.

The menu has the potential to overwhelm you with goodness, but don’t worry. We've let the servers guide us each visit and we haven’t been disappointed yet. They’ll definitely recommend the Chilaquiles, flank steak and octopus ceviche. And, they’ll be right.

The beauty of a place like Leña—besides the awesome food, drinks and atmosphere—is that it can give you a taste of places you’ve never been but without the requisite hepatitis shots. A win-win if you ask us.

Food Rundown

Watermelon Gazpacho

Yeah, yeah, go back to Russia…This is actually awesome and for us served as sorbet-like palate cleanser between spicy small plates.

Leña review image


Basically a fancy Frito pie with chicken but our table devoured it. It was also fun to watch this arrive at other tables. The frenzy level always seemed high when this dish was involved.

Leña review image

Ceviche de Pulpo

Octopus is everywhere right now. But here it is done just right.

Leña review image

Empanadas Verde con Elote

Leña throws bananas at you a few different ways and these empanadas happen to come with green plantain dough. While they sound very interesting, they were one of the only snoozers on the menu.

Leña review image

Entraña de Bisonte

Bison is not a cow. It’s a semi-wild animal and it is always slightly tough. Not an issue here. This was a crowd pleaser.


Flank steak. Yes. Yes.

Leña review image


Short rib served Korean style which we learned means thinly sliced and tastes a little like ribeye with thin discs of bone involved. We liked but would order the two above again before giving this another try.

Leña review image

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