When it comes to menu, location, and decor, Lola's looks are pretty irresistible. This Latin seafood hot spot has had people flocking to it since LoHi gentrified a few years back - us included. But despite it being so damn attractive, Lola never quite lives up to our expectations.

It's not that we don't like it here. We really do. But it's just that we want to love it, and we never can quite get there. The menu and happy hours always tease something special, and the descriptions for each dish always outline some pretty crave-able sh*t. But for some reason, the food doesn't always match up with what our mouths are wanting. Nothing is under-seasoned, or improperly cooked... but something is barely missing much of the time.

The drink options, on the other hand, always deliver. Lola knows their cocktails, and knows how to captivate an audience. Margaritas, mezcals, and a strong tequila menu will ensure that if you hit it for drinks and a few bites, you'll come away happy. In fact, the Cucumber Lemonade recently left one friend saying, “this is going to get me white girl wasted.” Which in Denver, is really just “wasted.” So order seven. And order some octopus tacos.

That's how you do Lola right.

Food Rundown


If you go to Lola, you should put tacos in your face. Everything on the menu is pretty good, but only the Octopus falls into the must-try category. TheDeal gets you two chicken tacos and beer for $5. Strong pre-Rockies or Nuggets game play.

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Like the tacos, all three options are decent, but nothing mind blowing going on here. The Verlasso Salmon brings an unexpected twist with apple and almonds, and the roe sprinkled on top is a nice touch.


For $65, this isn’t a bad option for a group of three of four, and includes their perfectly executed octopus, along with a few other tasty sea snacks. Could use a little more latin flare, but it’s tasty, and real, real pretty.

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Caldo de Camarones

Add in some noodles and you’ve got your mexican equivalent to a ramen bowl. If you have a doctor appointment anytime shortly after eating this, prepare to be scolded for your sodium intake. This is totally worth it. The recipe includes kelp though, so tell your doctor to back off.

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Skirt steak at a place like this shouldn’t be hard to chew, but on a number of occasions we’ve had that experience. The enchilada has some pretty strong flavors going on, but the refried beans are a mess. Not worth the order.

Baja Style Whole Fish

This sounds legit, looks even better, and only just misses on being exceptional. The price and presentation will leave you feeling a tiny bit let down. But only because as the picture above illustrates, this thing looks like a piece of art. The crispy fish has really good flavors going on, and teamed with the habanero salsa and serrano aioli, it's damn good.... but like Lola, we wish it was great.

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