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Roxie's By The Slice


Pizza is a very passionate subject. Especially in this city, where there’s the constant question of deep dish or thin crust, people will do crazy things to protect their true pizza emotions. And that’s why Roxie’s By The Slice is a bit of an anomaly, because it doesn’t elicit any strong feelings. It’s a simple concept - pick white or red, a few toppings, and an entire pie or by the slice. You’ll eat it. You’ll be cool with it (it’s pizza after all). But you’ll shrug your shoulders and say yeah, sure, that was sort of fun. It’s kind of like the pizza equivalent of the girlfriend or boyfriend you semi broke up with. The one who you don’t mind being around and occasionally do the no pants dance with, but who will never be anything more than that in your life. In fact, there are a lot of similarities.

Does that semi-broken up with significant other like to stay out late and party, which is why you often tend to “meet up?” Well, Roxie’s is the same way, because other than Sundays, it’s open from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. You can come in for a quickie, or drag things out over a well-tailored beer menu and $3 bourbon shots.

Does that semi-broken up with significant other look great in a bathing suit? Roxie’s has a lovely patio. It looks great when the sun’s out, and it’s definitely a place you could hang over some pizza and beers.

Does that semi-broken up with significant other like to post up on the couch when it’s freezing cold too, maybe throw on some sweatpants and fire up the Netflix with two bottles of wine? Roxie’s has a cute and cozy inside. It’s a weirdly successful combination of tiny, yet lively. You’ll be in the midst of people there for different reasons, ranging from a fast solo bite to those hanging out with a group eating pizza and drinking beer.

Is that semi-broken up with significant other easy going? Of course they are. The staff at Roxie’s is pretty cool and hip too. They’re extremely friendly, and you can help yourself to as many little sides of ranch and giardiniera that are prepackaged in an old fridge as you please.

Do you love that semi-broken up with significant other? Of course not. And you probably don’t love Roxie’s either, because even though a list of facts tells your head that Roxie's is The One, your heart will continue to search for true pizza love.

Food Rundown


Decision making at Roxie's is pretty limited. A basic slice runs $4.50 with the option of red or white, and each topping is $1 extra, which is a knock against Roxie's because the price starts to add up. You can also get a whole pizza for $18. Toppings include pepperoni, prosciutto, sopressata, anchovies, arugula, sweet peppers, olives, and mushrooms. The crust is in the spirit of thin crust slice pizza, but slightly doughier and with a more risen base. The bottom still remains crunchy though, and the mix of crispiness on the bottom with a doughy inside is our favorite part. A single slice is pretty big, and two should definitely do the trick.

Red Pizza

We are convinced the sauces are what give Roxie’s such an uninspiring feel. They are definitely different. The red sauce has a unique taste to it that doesn’t just blend in. The spices and tomatoes stick out, but not necessarily in a great way. Our favorite toppings for a red sauce slice are either pepperoni, mushrooms, or sweet peppers, the last of which is really sweet and good.

White Pizza

The white sauce is almost like a béchamel - there’s a bit of a creaminess to it. We aren’t huge white pizza fans in general, but this style of sauce means we would limit ourselves to only one white pizza slice here at the most. Arugula and prosciutto would be our white move.