Marina's Bistro And Rum Bar

You could drive around Chicago for hours looking for transcendent guava butter. Or, you can just go to Marina’s Bistro And Rum Bar in Uptown, where you'll be welcomed with a bowl of said condiment and a basket of warm plantain chips. This cozy neighborhood spot serves fantastic Puerto Rican cocktails and food, like six types of mofongo, a steak jibarito with perfectly fried tostones, and bowls of stewed meat. Get the pollo al ajillo—the flavor of which will attach itself to your brain with the adhesive strength of a stubborn price tag on a gift. And while “Rum Bar” gets second billing in the name, the cocktails are even better than the food. Unsurprisingly, the drinks are all made with rum, plus housemade syrups and fresh fruit purees. They add to the tropical vibe of Marina’s, which feels like it’s on the brink of being a party, even at 5:30pm on a Sunday.

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