Diego is a great Baja-inspired bar from the chef behind pop-up Sueños x Soho, one of our favorite, albeit temporary, restaurants from last year. This casual West Town spot calls itself a dive bar, but the interesting cocktails and mariscos-based food say otherwise. 

The perfectly fried tostadas come topped with things like a simple but well-balanced mix of yellowfin and avocado, or a unique spicy macaroni and shrimp salad. There are plenty of tasty tacos on the menu too, along with a thick burger covered with a layer of queso and a macha aioli you’ll want to bottle up and take home. It’s on a perfectly toasted bun from Aya Pastry, and will undoubtedly inspire envy in the high-top next to you. (They'll survive thanks to the excellent steak burrito they ordered instead).

Besides any neighborly envy, the beach hut vibes at Diego are decidedly chill, which are only enhanced by the trippy abstract art and Happy Hour deals. It’s the perfect spot for a fun dinner on the patio, or a low-key date with built-in conversation starters—like a mirrored shark head mounted next to the bar.