Devil Dawgs

Devil Dawgs tastes pretty good when you're sober, but like most things in life, is infinitely better when you're not. This counter-service hot dog joint is also one of the few places in the South Loop serving food past 9pm on weeknights. There isn’t a ton of seating, so walk in on any given afternoon and you’ll see a steady stream of students from the neighborhood grabbing takeout. Skip the regular hot dogs on the menu in favor of the specialty “devil dawgs.” “Dah Big Chicago Dawg” (a classic Chicago-style dog) is a good option, and so is the “Icelandic Dawg” which comes topped with remoulade, onion, and crispy shallots. They all have a nice snap and enough char. And for those who aren’t huge fans of encased meat, there are burgers and chicken sandwiches, plus a vegan hot dog option, too.

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