Perched on the seventh floor of the Marriott Downtown, Zanzibar feels more like a tropical oasis with an excellent city view rather than a bar on top of a hotel. Lush with plants and vegetation that blends in with the tropical shirts worn by 1/4 of the guests, at any given moment you can probably hear someone half-jokingly say “Hey, it’s five o’clock somewhere,” while sipping on a  mai tai and snacking on BBQ pork wontons and jerk chicken wings. Don’t go in expecting drinks as complex as at a dedicated tiki bar like Tiki Tatsu-Ya—this is still, technically, a hotel bar—but they still fit the theme and arrive in fun glassware. Whether you find yourself here as a Marriott guest or just a regular bar patron, Zanzibar will do a pretty good job of making you forget that you’re just a few floors up from the busy streets of Downtown.

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