La Piscina

Walking into La Piscina feels more like stepping into a Mexican villa than a rooftop restaurant on the fifth floor of the Austin Proper Hotel—complete with floor-to-ceiling windows and lush desert plants in a bright, airy dining room. Inside, expect more of a Mexican-leaning Tex-Mex restaurant, with sizzling fajitas, ceviches, and lobster quesadillas. But outside—on the open-air part of the rooftop—the menu is a bit smaller and more poolside-friendly, with a focus on cocktails, small plates, and raw seafood. 

But despite the picture-perfect decor and airy setting, you probably shouldn’t make the journey here for the food alone. The oysters are some of the priciest you’ll find in town—maybe it’s those extra few hundred feet of travel you’re paying for. And as premium as the fajitas sound, we can’t help but find ourselves wanting a little more punch out of them. Still, when you want to enjoy Baja oysters in a beautiful setting on a rooftop in Downtown Austin, La Piscina might leave you a little lighter in the wallet, but it won’t leave you disappointed. 

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