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Thundercloud Subs

Sandwiches in Clarksville

Hours: SATURDAY11:00AM to 7:00PM
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In 1987, a group of brave, pissed-off hippies stormed every Subway across Austin and created their own anti-corporate sandwich chain that later became known as Thundercloud Subs.

This is a completely made-up story, but it’s certainly plausible. There are many TClouds all over town - even one in the f*cking airport - and half of them feel stuck in time from Richard Linklater’s early 90’s ode to Austin, Slacker.

The ordering process is simple. You will interact with a burnout sandwich maker - who has a world of meats, cheeses, veggies, and toppings at his or her fingertips - to build your ideal sandwich. You can also choose from a number of signature sandwiches should you be in need of inspiration. There aren’t any Sriracha aiolis or anything hip like that here, but they have everything you need. Add a bag of chips and a drink and you’ve got a full meal for under ten bucks. You can also turn most sandwiches into a salad if you’re living the Atkins life.

Thundercloud has long been an Austin staple, and for good reason - it’s cheap, fresh, unpretentious, fast, and has a wide variety of healthy/vegetarian-friendly options.

Food Rundown

Austin Club

The foundation of this sandwich is smoked chicken, avocado, and bacon. We recommend taking it to the next level with jalapeños, lettuce, tomato, “Thunder sauce” (which is essentially olive oil and vinegar), and hummus.

The Office Favorite

This egg salad and bacon combo is on the heavier, richer side of their menu.

Nada Chicken Parmesan

All the flavor of a chicken parmesan, but vegan. And not awful. Adding jalapeños provides a refreshing crunch and zesty spark to an already satisfying sandwich.

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