Upper Crust Bakery

As far as we’re concerned, the words “cinnamon roll” are synonymous with one place, and one place only. And that is Upper Crust. We’re not just biased because we grew up on these things - we’ve visited many bakeries, in many cities, and have concluded with absolute certainty that Upper Crust Bakery makes the best cinnamon rolls in the world. These aren’t the usual doughy, obese looking-things coated in a disgusting amount of icing that make you want to sign up for Weight Watchers just looking at them. Upper Crust’s consist of layers and layers of light, airy, super fresh pastry dough coated completely in cinnamon. They’re giant, and you could easily split one. But you won’t do that, because you know better than to deprive yourself of one of the greatest sweets on the planet. Be warned: they do sell out, so don’t roll up at 3pm expecting to get your hands on one.

Now that we’ve addressed the most important item at Upper Crust, we can tell you that the rest of the menu - both sweet and savory - is great, too. This is the rare bakery that can easily fulfill your need for real food just as well as it can provide your dessert fix (not that we don’t endorse eating cake for lunch). The sandwiches are all simple but solid, but thanks to the from-scratch bread, you can’t go wrong. The soups, too, are good. And as for the rest of the sweets? This is home to some of the best cakes and cookies in town.

Whether you’re picking up a morning pastry and coffee, grabbing a quick solo lunch, or looking for an easy, casual, daytime spot to meet someone, know that Upper Crust and its cinnamon rolls are here for you. Always.

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Cinnamon Rolls

No further explanation needed. Don’t you dare come to Upper Crust and not get one. Or five.


Upper Crust is also excellent at cookie making. Their chocolate chip might be the best in Austin.


Simple, fresh, satisfying. Our moves are the chicken salad and turkey, on a croissant, if you’re feeling that way. And you probably are.

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