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Hours:TUESDAY5:00PM to 10:30PM

Lenoir is the complete package. The first thing we noticed about the place wasn’t even its interior (beautiful) or its service (excellent) or its backyard wine bar (awesome) - we were initially struck by the comfortable volume level of the place. For reasons unknown, it’s rare to find an acoustically pleasant fine dining experience in Austin. Lenoir is a restaurant whose experience actually matches the quality of food.

Lenoir’s atmosphere can only be described as shabby chic (forgive us): it feels like a fancy farmhouse, and the overall effect is really special. The friendly waitstaff inside this little house on South First are patient and respectful of crafting a slower-paced, dynamite meal consisting of farm-to-table plates that come in a $45 prix-fixe three-course format. The seating is extremely limited - there are maybe three or four tables - so book ahead if you want to dine inside. The backyard wine bar is a bit more casual, and you can show up without a reservation.

Lenoir serves what they like to “Hot Weather Food,” which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: food that’s right for a hot climate. Nothing heavy, nothing greasy. Everything here is super light and fresh. In other words, it’s the exact opposite of traditional Texas cuisine - and it’s really great. The menu is constantly changing, but check the food rundown below for a sense of what you’ll eat at Lenoir. You’ll probably be pleased no matter what.

Food Rundown

Yakitori Antelope Heart With Sun Chokes, Bitter Greens, Sichuan Raisins

Because you’re the king of the fcking jungle, that’ why.

Amberjack Crudo / Avocado / Pickled Starfruit / Grapefruit / Crispy Shallots

Light, refreshing, and beautifully plated. This is the bread and butter of Lenoir.

Cashew Ginger Soup / Wheatberry Sesame Granola / Black Olive Oil / Citrus / Brunost

The best appetizer we tried, by far. Super satisfying, super flavorful.

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